Doctor Hoo?

Ian Hart and Elaine Cassidy in Dr Hoo

So I get this press release on Saturday.

The pioneering online series “Doctor Hoo” is ground breaking once again, as it about to be released in over 82 countries worldwide. Lord Entertainment alongside MO Film will deliver this cult series to viewers around the world through the platforms iPhone/iTouch application, Google Android Market and Java handsets.

Millions of viewers will get the chance to watch the series which the Daily Telegraph claims “could provide a glimpse of how cult TV shows are developed in the future”. With busy lives and careers, mobile applications are fast becoming the way of the future and with such easy accessibility “Dr Hoo” could be on lips of those in countries as diverse as Cambodia, Korea and New Zealand.

Ian Hart, best known for US drama “Life” and “Dirt”, stars in the title role of Dr Hoo as an environmentally conscious, vegetarian Welshman with a multiple personality disorder whose real name is Mr David Raymond Hugh.

Believing the world is coming to an end, he enlists the help of his “sexy bombshell” assistant Zara, played by Elaine Cassidy (ITV1’s “A Room With a View”, “Harpers Island”). She is relying on Dr Hoo to help her “find herself” – but she appears to exist only in his head.

Stephen Lord (“Eastenders”, “Judge Dredd”, “Irish Route”) the producer and director who also appears in the drama as the mysterious Agent Smart, described the offbeat series as a character-driven show that “allows an audience to think and get what they want from the show – or not, which is liberating”.

It’s the first I’d heard of it, and normally, stuff like Sanctuary and Girl Number 9 will have a bit of word of mouth by now. It’s available on Amazon as an on-demand DVD, and I’m waiting to hear back about release dates on iPhone et al, since it wasn’t in the App Store a minute ago.

This feels a tad like those old Bill Baggs Stranger/Professor videos, rather than anything more. Still, it has a much better cast than those (Ian Hart!) and it was also on Virgin 1 in February apparently – did anyone watch it? But I’m not desperately tempted by the promo videos. Are you?

UPDATE (30/11/09): Official release is today. It can be seen by going into the Apple Store and downloading the month film (MOFILM?)application. On downloading search for Dr Hoo. They plan to do more Dr Hoo and “a reformatted and bigger model Dr Usa and are in talks with major us talent.”