Dick Heads: Percy

Our second Dick Head comes from someone, who for the sake of simplicity we will call Denise. This picture is entitled simply ‘Percy’ and shows Richard Armitage in a top hat – kudos on that, Denise, and a great big thank you.

The first Dick Head provoked multiple responses, some of captions, some of love poetry, some of haiku. So rather than impinge churlish ‘rules’ on this, I think we should accept Richard Armitage as our muse. He shall be our Calliope, our Erato, our Euterpe and our Thalia, all rolled into one. Let him take us where he wills.

Are you wanting me to keep score or are such things beneath us now?

We currently have two people’s Dick Heads in the queue, but if you want to submit your own, leave a URL below or email me. Remember, extra credit if you have a picture of Richard Armitage in a hat.