All the best trailers from SDCC – Justice League, Marvel’s The Defenders, Star Trek: Discovery, Stranger Things, Thor: Ragnarok and Westworld

Thor: Ragnarok

SDCC – aka San Diego Comic-Con – had turned into one of the most important events of the year, not just for comics but for movies and TV shows. At least of the nerdier and more US variety, since it’s not like there’s a great Poldark presence there every year.

But it’s where all the latest news is revealed and you get to see the new trailers, and this year, we’ve had a bevy. I’m not going to go through the whole lot, as that way madness lies, but you can find most of them in today’s news.

On top of that, unfortunately, a few of the best trailers that got shown haven’t yet been fed into YouTube (eg Netflix’s Marvel’s The Punisher and Black Panther). But at the very least, after the jump, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on trailers for the likes of Justice League, Thor: RagnarokReady Player One, Netflix’s Marvel’s The Defenders, CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery, HBO’s Westworld, and Netflix’s  Stranger Things (season 2). Oh yes, and The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Justice League SDCC poster

Justice League

A trailer that tries a little bit less hard to be funny than the previous one and a little bit harder to be awesome, thanks to its copious amounts of villainous New God Steppenwolf. Unsurprisingly, given that Wonder Woman just overtook Guardians of the Galaxy 2 to become this summer’s highest grossing blockbuster, Warner Bros have decided to put in equally copious and awesome amounts of Wonder Woman this time, too, as well as of the Amazons, who turn out to have a Motherbox in their keeping. Oh dear.

Nice Alex Ross-inspired poster, too.

PS The lack of Superman in all of this is fooling no one, WB

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok

A whole load of fun, some beautiful imagery (particularly the Valkyrie descending from heaven) and a totally awesome font in this one, although there’s a strange lack of Dr Strange. Marvel: you’re fooling no one.

Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg returns to sci-fi – and the 1980s – with this virtual reality melange of game play and pop culture iconography.

Netflix’s Marvel’s The Defenders

The culmination of all the previous Netflix Marvel series sees Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist come together to fight their ultimate Big Bad: Sigourney Weaver. Most of the supporting cast are along for the ride, too, although not many of Luke Cage’s made it along for this trailer. Interestingly, Danny Rand is actually likeable in this, which is new.

HBO’s Westworld

Nothing substantial in this, given they’ve only been shooting season 2 for a week now, but at least Evan Rachel Wood looks like she’s having a good time for a change.

Netflix’s Stranger Things (season 2)

The usual combination of scary shit and tear-jerkingly innocent and beautiful recreations of 80s’ childhoods. All the old favourites are back. Except for Barb. Poor Barb.

CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery

Amazing effects and pyrotechnics. It looks great. There are Klingons, too. But with its focus on all out war, is it Star Trek? Discuss.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The show that mysteriously became the best superhero show on TV last year by becoming the stupidest (and most fun) clearly knows what it’s doing and is serving up more of the same this year, too. Back off Billy Zane Barnam!