Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League (Rebirth) #16

It’s been a week of movie spoilers for Wonder Woman fans since last we met. Members of the press have been allowed to see a couple of scenes from the movie and talk to director Patty Jenkins.

More importantly, they’ve been given the lowdown on the plot and it seems a certain French magazine got the wrong end of the stick about the film’s most important points as far as canon is concerned. IMDb is now prepared to reveal all (spoilers ahoy):

Something Diana does not realize at first, but the audience gets, is Diana’s true power as a demigod. Early on, the movie catches fans up on Amazon history, storybook style, telling of a time when Zeus ruled Earth and his jealous son Ares poisoned the hearts of men so they’d turn on each other. Zeus turned to other gods for help and Aphrodite created a race of Amazon warriors, powerful women with a mission to restore peace.

It worked for a while but Ares killed other gods and almost killed Zeus, until Zeus blasted him and created Themyscira. He left behind a “god killer” to the Amazons, the only weapon capable of killing Ares. But it’s not a physical object, it’s Diana, a demigod, herself, as the secret daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) — she is the weapon that can kill Ares.

The observant will notice a very important ‘almost’, the addition of a certain goddess to the plot, the restoration of an important origin point from the nu52 and a lot of new metaphors. It certainly sounds a lot better than the French version, anyway.

All in the real world, there’s been a brief interview with Susan Eisenberg, who of course voiced Wondy in the Justice League animated series and is set to do the same in the video game sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Not much by way of comics since last time, though. In fact, Justice League (Rebirth) #16 was the only one I could spot and even then, very little Diana. Indeed, all does it make clear what was hinted at last time: Diana has gone back in time to the (non-specific) age when the Olympians began.

Diana - back in Olympian times

See you next week then!


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