Watch trailers for NBC’s new shows Blindspot, Heartbreaker, The Player and People Are Talking

NBC, as usual, are pretty good with posting trailers for their new shows, as soon as they’re announced. Okay, the new shows are usually pretty poor and only last a season, but at least you can spot that sooner, rather than later.

So here’s a whole bunch of trailers for:

Jaimie Alexander (Sif in Thor) wakes up naked in New York covered in tattoos but without her memory. Ooh, can anyone say Jane Doe? Or for that matter Jessi XX (I’m not even joking)? Or even The Blacklist, given all those tattoos are clues to crimes and criminals. Also features Sullivan Stapleton from Strike Back

Based on the story of a real-life heart transplant surgeon (I imagine quite loosely…), this medical procedural stars that Melissa George (Hunted, The Slap). NBC is also going with Chicago Med this season, so I imagine this’ll be cancelled pretty soon. Which is a shame because if you look carefully, George’s fellow Aussie, the rather good Don Hany from Serangoon Road, is in the cast, although neither he nor she get to sound Australian. All the same, at least he’s got his foot in the door this time.

People Are Talking
NBC has another stab at diversity again, with this multi-cam comedy about two couples who are neighbours and best friends. On the plus side, it’s got Meaghan Rath from Being Human (US); on the minus side, it’s got Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Franklin and Bash), and Rath is in the running to star in another series whose pilot has also been picked up (Fox’s The Guide To Surviving Life) – given that NBC haven’t even put her bio up on the programme’s web site, I’m pretty sure she’s not going to be in it…

The Player
Wesley Snipes returns to the limelight after a spell in the nick (and The Expendables 3). Here he’s partnered with Sullivan Stapleton (see Blindspot above)’s current Strike Back co-star, Philip Winchester, in this Las Vegas-set thriller about a former military operative turned security expert. Stapleton gets to use his American accent again, which must be a relief, while Snipes just largely seems to glower as the mysterious boss who hires Stapleton, rather than joining in with the action. Still, always bet on black – you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?