Bummed out by the ending of Terminator 2? Here’s the original ending

A bit nicer, isn’t it, although good to see late 80s/early 90s fashions rolling around for a revival next decade…


  • bob

    Wow. I never knew that existed.

    I certainly prefer T2 as it is. It gives us the (fantastic) Sarah Connor Chronicles, after all.

  • IIRC, it was also the ending of the novelisation by the film's co-screenwriter, which I think was based on an earlier version of the script.

  • JustStark

    It was in the published version of the script (which I had a copy of). The reasons given for its being left out of the final cut were its not exactly meshing with the tone of the rest of the film, especially the final act; and also concerns over the plausibility of someone with John's extensive criminal record becoming a senator (I don't know much about American politics, but apparently that is much more far-fetched than time-travelling robots made of liquid metal).

  • bob