Weekly Wonder Woman: Injustice – Gods Among Us: Year 2 #1

Injustice: Gods Among Us. Year 2 #1

Not much new Wonder Woman this week, but Injustice: Gods Among Us has returned this week, following a bit of a gap and a rethink to make it “not as shit”. Essentially, a prequel to the video game in which all the DC Universe beats everyone else up, whether they’re supposed to be friend or foe, the comic story sees what happens if Superman takes it upon himself to make the world good – quelling any and all dissent in the process.

It was a bit terrible last year, but the first issue of “Year Two” is an improvement, a somewhat sad flashback to times when Hal Jordan, Black Canary and Green Arrow were all friends, until Superman accidentally killed Green Arrow (as you do). It’s not brilliant and Supes is as out of character as you’d expect, given the storyline and its eventually video game conclusion. But as we’ve seen already, it could be a whole lot worse.

Wonder Woman, who looked a bit worse for wear last time we saw her in the Injustice universe, having been nearly nuked to death having cut open Captain Atom with her sword, seems to be fine now at Green Arrow’s funeral.

Wonder Woman at Arrow's funeral

But that’s your Wonder Woman for this week, I’m afraid.