Christmas and the New Year on BBC4

Greg Wise in Number 13

The BBC4 Christmas newsletter has arrived in my inbox, highlighting all sorts of goodies.

First up, Charlie Brooker is going to get a Christmas and a New Year special for his Screen Wipe review show. The first is this Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled.

Following the success of last year’s Ghost Stories season, there’s another mini-season of ghost stories, starting on Thursday. Most of it is repeats from last year’s season, but Greg Wise will be appearing in a new adaptation of MR James’ Number 13 on Friday.

After gobbling up everyone’s memories from their web site, My Science Fiction Life has chosen the weirdest and the whackiest to represent all science-fiction fans everywhere. That’ll be airing on the 29th. Looking forward to it?

Finally (well, there’s other stuff, too, including seasons on Fanny Craddock and John “England is best and all other races are inferior” Buchan), there’s a special edition of The Thick of It. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t feature Chris Langham…