Christmas cultural confessions meme

There’s a meme going on, spread by the Struggling Author among others, and I thought I’d join in, since Christmas is a time of sharing. The meme’s challenge is to list the five most embarrassing gaps in your cultural knowledge.

Here are mine. Go ahead and snigger.

1 I don’t read fiction any more

Okay, with the slight exception of Patrick O’Brian’s historical novels (which are more or less non-fiction at times), I don’t read fiction any more, just non-fiction. I just can’t get into it. Maybe it does “illustrate the human condition” or something, but then so does an Oxfam Christmas newsletter or a good psychology text book, usually more succinctly.

2 I haven’t watched Spaced

I really just can’t begin to formulate a reason for this. I just haven’t, even though I know I should. Can you get a cure for this problem on the NHS? Prescription HMV vouchers or something?

3 I’ve not watched The Sopranos

It’s five seasons long. I’m not starting now, no matter how hard my sister begs me to. And you Martin. Yes, you.

4 My indie credentials are gone

The edgiest piece of music I’ve listened to recently was Snow Patrol’s latest album. Every time I switch on XFM in an attempt to fix this problem, they’re playing Razorlight, so that’s no help. The problem’s so bad, I’m like a tone deaf Donald Rumsfeld: I don’t even know how much I don’t know about indie music any more.

5 I’ve only watched three Martin Scorsese films and I didn’t like them

Casino, Goodfellas and Taxi Driver. Hated them all. Absolute pants. Everything else of his I’ve steered clear of. Is this wrong?