Peter Capaldi in Martin's Close

That was the TMINE UK TV Christmas that was

Behold! It is indeed a Christmas miracle. For on this yuletide past, TMINE did indeed watch some actual UK TV.

None of it live, of course, all on iPlayer and the like, but nevertheless, UK TV was viewed… and even enjoyed in some cases.

Nevertheless, TMINE is very predictable in its tastes so don’t be surprised when I tell you that one of the shows starred Joanna Page, one of the shows was A Ghost Story For Christmas, one was a horror show written by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, one was a sci-fi show about a certain Time Lord/Lady, and one was a reboot of a classic TV show of the 70s.

Full reviews of all of those after the jump. In case you’re wondering, I did watch some other TV as well – all the Netflix shows I’ll be talking about later today while the remaining members of the regular viewing queue will be the subject of tomorrow’s discussions.

But first, watch the Queen like the good patriots you are. It is the afternoon, after all.

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The Ash Tree
The Weekly Play

The TMINE Ghost Story for Christmas – The Ash Tree (1975)

As is TMINE’s want at this time of year, let’s celebrate the birth of Christ with a scary story by MR James.

Part of BBC Two’s legendary annual A Ghost Story For Christmas strand, The Ash Tree documents the tale of Sir Richard Fell, who has just inherited Castringham, a country seat with an unfortunate history. The house has been cursed since the day his ancestor, Sir Matthew Fell, condemned a woman to death for witchcraft. It is soon discovered that the ancient ash tree outside his bedroom window is the root of the problem…

Directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark, it stars Edward Petherbridge as Sir Richard and features that Lalla Ward off of Doctor Who as well. It was also written not by Gordon Clark for a change, but by David Rudkin of Artemis 81 and Penda’s Fen fame.


Peter Capaldi in Martin's Close
BFI events

What TV’s on at the BFI in December 2019? Including Dracula and Missing Believed Wiped

It’s Christmas!

Well, only in BFI calendar-land, which occupies its own time zone.

As usual, there’s an eclectic but truncated mix of shows, with Christmas typically removing not one week but three from most organisations’ ability to do any work. But there is some good stuff:

  • A preview of Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss’s Dracula, complete with Q&A with Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Dracula
  • A preview of this year’s Ghost Story for Christmas, complete with Q&A with Mark Gatiss. But not Dracula or Steven Moffat
  • A preview of Cinderella: After Ever After + Q&A with David Walliams. But not Mark Gatiss
  • A pantomime season featuring lots of TV pantomimes.
  • This year’s Missing Believed Wiped season.

That’s not bad, is it? What do you mean “Oh no it isn’t”?

Full details after the jump.

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Stockholm Requiem, AP Bio and Sunnyside acquired; a new Christmas ghost story; + more

Every weekday, TMINE brings you the latest TV news from around the world

Internet TV

French TV

  • France 3 green lights: murder-mystery telefilm Le canal des secrets (The Canal of Secrets), with Annelise Hesme, Aurélien Wilk et al


US TV show casting

New US TV shows

New US TV show casting

Beecham House
BFI events

What more TV’s on at the BFI in April? Including Mark Gatiss, Helen Mirren, Beecham House and Peaky Blinders

Every month, TMINE lets you know what TV the BFI will be presenting at the South Bank in London

As mentioned last time, the BFI still had a few more events to reveal for its TV festival with Radio Times in April. Some of them are quite good, too

  • A preview of ITV’s Beecham House
  • Helen McCrory and Steven Knight talk Peaky Blinders
  • Mark Gatiss discusses his love of ghost stories
  • Helen Mirren gets inducted into the Radio Times Hall of Fame

Full details are all after the jump. But first, Nigel Kneale’s The Stone Tape. Because why not?

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