People Elevated to God-like Status: the inaugural members

People elevated to God-like status logo

Today marks the start of a new category on the blog: people elevated to God-like status (do you like the banner? Impressive, huh?). There are actors, writers, performers and other creative types who produce things that fill our lives with joy. Then there are people who hold opinions so right, so accurate, that they are as gods, walking among us. This category will celebrate them.

Today, I’m going to launch the category with two inaugural members: Charlie Brooker and Stewart Lee. Really, I was just going to start with Stewart Lee but then I realised that that would mean Charlie Brooker wouldn’t be the first member of the elite, which just wouldn’t do. So they’re both going in at the same time.

I’m not going to say much about Charlie Brooker, since I’ve already said rather a lot. Instead, I’m going to focus on Stewart Lee. Now, whatever you think about a certain opera, Fist of Fun and a whole load of other things he’s done over the years, he was automatically granted membership of this glorious category purely as a result of comments he made on Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe this week. I will let his wisdom speak for itself.

Christ, I’ve just realised Chris Morris needs to be in here, too. Okay. That’s three then.