Brilliant But Cancelled web site launches

Touching Evil

Plenty of shows (particularly in the US) get cancelled before the world realises just how good they are. One of my personal favourite shows ever, the US version of the dull dull dull Robson Green show Touching Evil is a case in point: 13 episodes of brilliance that died before its time because it was marketed badly by the stupid old USA Network.

Because said shows run for so short a time, they never get a DVD release and disappear into the mists of time with no one the wiser. Wouldn’t it be good to be able to see them all, to savour those tiny jewels?

But now, building on from a cable network of the same name, comes a web site dedicated to this very concept: Brilliant But Cancelled. Unfortunately, most of the content appears only to be available to US viewers, but those with techy knowhow will be able to circumvent it. And Touching Evil is on it!

All we need now is:

  1. Access to it from abroad without proxy servers and the like
  2. A British version.

Any nominations for the British version?