Threshold not cancelled yet

News of Threshold’s cancellation is premature, apparently. But the show’s still not going to last long, I don’t think, judging by this Variety report:

“Threshold” had just moved to its new Tuesday night slot last week (swapping with “Close to Home,” which has thrived in “Threshold’s” old Friday berth) but posted just a 2.1 rating/6 share in adults 18-49, as well as just 6.5 million viewers — its lowest audience yet for an original episode.

UPDATE: Whoops! Spoke to soon, again. Threshold really has been cancelled according to Digital Spy, as has Reunion, which I predicted would bite the dust in mere seconds as well.

Alias cancelled

Thank God! ABC has put Alias out of its misery. It’s been going downhill since the first year and I stopped watching past the first episode this year. Worryingly, all the things that went wrong with Alias have been happening with Lost this year, so the much-hyped island tale might soon lose its sparkle if history repeats itself, as it seems to be doing.