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Every week (or fortnight) At least once a month, Sometimes, Weekly Wonder Woman keeps you up to date on everything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine

Yes, it’s back, the least correctly titled feature of TMINE, or perhaps of any blog anywhere – it’s Weekly Wonder Woman! Which was last seen here about two months ago. To be fair, I was on holiday for a month or so, but that doesn’t excuse the next month’s absence, does it?

To tell the simple truth, although there is a lot of fun in writing withering, scathing reviews, I don’t really want to. I’d much rather be telling people how great something is and telling them to read/watch it, not telling them something is terrible and they should avoid it. It seems a bit mean.

And the simple truth is, Wonder Woman and indeed comics featuring Wonder Woman haven’t been that great for quite some time. So, I wasn’t sure if Weekly Wonder Woman should come back at all. At least not until there were some good issues or at least issues written by people who actually seemed to like Diana and want to write awesome things about her.

And at last there are! Well, some pretty good issues, anyway, not the least of which is the new Justice League Dark series.

Deputy leader of the Justice League

I banish you

However, I’m also a bit strapped for time at the moment – another reason for WWW’s extended absence – so can’t really invest the couple of hours needed every Thursday to do proper reviews of every single DC comic that’s featured Wonder Woman each week. This week, we’ve got Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark #1 and Justice League #9; last week, we had Heroes in Crisis #1, Wonder Woman #55 and Justice League Dark #3.

So for now, I’m just going to follow Terry Crews’ advice about gyms:

Treat it like a spa. You can even go and not work out, if you don’t feel like it. But just go.

“It has to feel good. I tell people this a lot – go to the gym, and just sit there, and read a magazine, and then go home. And do this every day. Go to the gym, don’t even work out. Just GO. Because the habit of going to the gym is more important than the work out. Because it doesn’t matter what you do. You can have fun – but as long as you’re having fun, you continue to do it.”

If you hire a trainer and push yourself too hard out of the gate, you may not feel like coming back. Instead, he slowly worked his way up to two hours of daily workouts, and he did that by enjoying his time at the gym.

In other words, for a little bit at least, no reviews – or at least long ones – but I can at least fill you in on the news and slowly work my up to proper WWW over the next few weeks. Maybe when I’m down the gym.

Of course, in two months, there can be an awful lot of news, so you’ll have to join me after the jump for that, to avoid the front page being inundated.

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Weekly Wonder Woman

Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League #4 and The Brave and the Bold #6

Every week (or fortnight) At least once a month, Weekly Wonder Woman keeps you up to date on everything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine

I’ve obviously already revised the schedule of ‘Weekly’ Wonder Woman a few times, but looks like ‘at least once a month’ might be pushing it, because it’s holiday time! Yes, TMINE’s traditional break for August starts next week! In July! Hmm.

That means no WWW for at least four weeks, but it might be back at some point in August. If not, Diana will return here at the start of September.

San Diego Comic Con has just started, so there’s bound to be lots of big news about Diana in the next few days. Just not yet. However, there have been a few little nuggets since last WWW.

Books News

Young adult novel Woman Woman: Warbringer will be adapted into a graphic novel by Louise Simonson, while middle schoolers are going to get Diana, Princess of the Amazons by Shannon and Dean Hale.

Comics News

Prepared to be scared! Diana won’t have properly started leading Justice League: Dark until next week, but come Halloween, Hecate’s turning up in a five-week crossover event between Justice League: Dark and Wonder Woman.

Witching Hour

Comics reviews

Two titles out this week featured our Diana: Justice League #4 and The Brave and the Bold #6. The former didn’t really give her much to do, despite the GIANT IDEAS OF SCOTT SNYDER giving us Lex Luthor and the Joker taking over Superman’s brain using a Fantastic Voyage submarine. Instead, she got confused by Gorilla Grodd into thinking she was fighting Cheetah when actually she was fighting with Aquaman.

Wonder Woman v Aquaman

Where’s the Lasso of Truth when you need it, hey? Still, at least is should be an easy fight.

Meanwhile, Brave and the Bold #6 proved to be a bit of a disappointment. Good story, great art, but despite high hopes that with a war impending, Diana might have got something to do apart from apologise for not stopping men in time from doing bad men things, that’s more or less all she got to do again. Well, apart from one, really cool thing.

But apparently she’s now stuck there. Oh well, maybe there won’t be much for me to cover next month then, after all.

All in all, then, despite the “Batman and Wonder Woman” billing, The Brave and the Bold was probably best thought of as a good Batman story with great art that just happened to have Diana as a guest star on one of her off-days. Bit of a shame, but what you going to do?

Weekly Wonder Woman

Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #50

Every week (or fortnight) At least once a month, Weekly Wonder Woman keeps you up to date on everything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine

With July 4th out the way, things have been perking up news-wise, you’ll be glad to hear…

Film news

Not technically film news, but Gal Gadot did go visit a children’s hospital in full movie costume:

We also got a glimpse of Kristen Wiig in action on the set of Wonder Woman 1984

Comics news

The new line up for Wonder Woman from November 14 has been confirmed. Ms Marvel‘s G Willow Wilson will be writing, while Cary Nord will be the new artist in residence. And that’s official:

Meanwhile, maybe you’d like to colour in Wonder Woman the Alex Sinclair way. Here’s how:

Comics reviews

The only appearance by Diana that I spotted was in the bumper-sized Wonder Woman anniversary issue this week – issue #50 – and it marks both the end of the Dark Gods storyline and James Robinson’s run on the title, before he hands over the reins to guest writer Steve Orlando.

Will he be much missed? Let’s talk about that after the jump…

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Invisible Jet Underwater
Weekly Wonder Woman

Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League #3

Every week (or fortnight) At least once a month, Weekly Wonder Woman keeps you up to date on everything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine

Just as TV news and new TV have dwindled to near-zero in the week of July 4, so too has anything involved a certain heroine occasionally known to wear a star-spangled costume. No movie news. No TV news. No comic news. Nada.

Well, okay, not quite nada. We’ve had Justice League #3, in which Scott Snyder’s galaxy brain emits ideas so huge, new dimensions have to be developed to accommodate them and readers have to write extensive notes in bra-ket notation in order to try to keep up.

As well as all manner of exciting inventions involving the Ultraviolet Lantern Corps (in Soviet Russia, you don’t join Ultraviolet Lantern Corps, Ultraviolet Lantern Corps joins you) and a whole bunch of new primary forces to accompany the Flash’s Speed Force (brace yourself for the Sage Force… no, really. It’s a thing), we got a few innovations involving our Diana.

There are exciting words about Diana’s attitude to her Lasso of Truth. Strung together, I’m not sure they make any more sense than they do apart, but they are at least exciting.

Clay Truth

Very much more importantly, we have the return of an old friend. Now, maybe I missed something – and you’d think that writing this every week (or so) that would be unlikely – but last I looked, Diana didn’t have an invisible jet any more. And it couldn’t go underwater. And the Amazons were still warlike and didn’t have any cool technology. And Diana wasn’t in touch with them any more anyway.

But what trifles are these to Galaxy Brain?

Invisible submarine

Still, knowing his love of continuity, maybe this was all revealed in Doom Patrol Visit the Set of Coronation Street #45 (available as a free gift in packs of Turkey Twizzlers in Morrisons, Falaraki), and I really did miss it. Who reckons we’ll either that we’ll get an explanation for any of that or that it’ll ever get mentioned again by anyone else or even Snyder himself?

Wonder Woman 1984
Weekly Wonder Woman

Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman 1984, HD Wonder Woman 1977 and Walmart Wonder Woman

Every week (or fortnight) At least once a month, Weekly Wonder Woman keeps you up to date on everything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine

Yes, yes, “Weekly Wonder Woman” is stretching it a bit, given WWW has been quiet for about three weeks. But why break up a perfectly good piece of alliteration for the sake of accuracy, hey? Plus I’m here now. Let us never mention it again.

Anyway, lots of news, lots of comics. Let’s get down to it after the jump, since there’s way too much to have on the front page. Alluring, hey? Come with me. Come… come…

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