Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League #4 and The Brave and the Bold #6


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I’ve obviously already revised the schedule of ‘Weekly’ Wonder Woman a few times, but looks like ‘at least once a month’ might be pushing it, because it’s holiday time! Yes, TMINE’s traditional break for August starts next week! In July! Hmm.

That means no WWW for at least four weeks, but it might be back at some point in August. If not, Diana will return here at the start of September.

San Diego Comic Con has just started, so there’s bound to be lots of big news about Diana in the next few days. Just not yet. However, there have been a few little nuggets since last WWW.

Books News

Young adult novel Woman Woman: Warbringer will be adapted into a graphic novel by Louise Simonson, while middle schoolers are going to get Diana, Princess of the Amazons by Shannon and Dean Hale.

Comics News

Prepared to be scared! Diana won’t have properly started leading Justice League: Dark until next week, but come Halloween, Hecate’s turning up in a five-week crossover event between Justice League: Dark and Wonder Woman.

Witching Hour

Comics reviews

Two titles out this week featured our Diana: Justice League #4 and The Brave and the Bold #6. The former didn’t really give her much to do, despite the GIANT IDEAS OF SCOTT SNYDER giving us Lex Luthor and the Joker taking over Superman’s brain using a Fantastic Voyage submarine. Instead, she got confused by Gorilla Grodd into thinking she was fighting Cheetah when actually she was fighting with Aquaman.

Wonder Woman v Aquaman

Where’s the Lasso of Truth when you need it, hey? Still, at least is should be an easy fight.

Meanwhile, Brave and the Bold #6 proved to be a bit of a disappointment. Good story, great art, but despite high hopes that with a war impending, Diana might have got something to do apart from apologise for not stopping men in time from doing bad men things, that’s more or less all she got to do again. Well, apart from one, really cool thing.

But apparently she’s now stuck there. Oh well, maybe there won’t be much for me to cover next month then, after all.

All in all, then, despite the “Batman and Wonder Woman” billing, The Brave and the Bold was probably best thought of as a good Batman story with great art that just happened to have Diana as a guest star on one of her off-days. Bit of a shame, but what you going to do?