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Yes, it’s back, the least correctly titled feature of TMINE, or perhaps of any blog anywhere – it’s Weekly Wonder Woman! Which was last seen here about two months ago. To be fair, I was on holiday for a month or so, but that doesn’t excuse the next month’s absence, does it?

To tell the simple truth, although there is a lot of fun in writing withering, scathing reviews, I don’t really want to. I’d much rather be telling people how great something is and telling them to read/watch it, not telling them something is terrible and they should avoid it. It seems a bit mean.

And the simple truth is, Wonder Woman and indeed comics featuring Wonder Woman haven’t been that great for quite some time. So, I wasn’t sure if Weekly Wonder Woman should come back at all. At least not until there were some good issues or at least issues written by people who actually seemed to like Diana and want to write awesome things about her.

And at last there are! Well, some pretty good issues, anyway, not the least of which is the new Justice League Dark series.

Deputy leader of the Justice League

I banish you

However, I’m also a bit strapped for time at the moment – another reason for WWW’s extended absence – so can’t really invest the couple of hours needed every Thursday to do proper reviews of every single DC comic that’s featured Wonder Woman each week. This week, we’ve got Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark #1 and Justice League #9; last week, we had Heroes in Crisis #1, Wonder Woman #55 and Justice League Dark #3.

So for now, I’m just going to follow Terry Crews’ advice about gyms:

Treat it like a spa. You can even go and not work out, if you don’t feel like it. But just go.

“It has to feel good. I tell people this a lot – go to the gym, and just sit there, and read a magazine, and then go home. And do this every day. Go to the gym, don’t even work out. Just GO. Because the habit of going to the gym is more important than the work out. Because it doesn’t matter what you do. You can have fun – but as long as you’re having fun, you continue to do it.”

If you hire a trainer and push yourself too hard out of the gate, you may not feel like coming back. Instead, he slowly worked his way up to two hours of daily workouts, and he did that by enjoying his time at the gym.

In other words, for a little bit at least, no reviews – or at least long ones – but I can at least fill you in on the news and slowly work my up to proper WWW over the next few weeks. Maybe when I’m down the gym.

Of course, in two months, there can be an awful lot of news, so you’ll have to join me after the jump for that, to avoid the front page being inundated.

Movie news

The biggest bit of news is that for the first time in about a decade, there’s going to be a new animated Wonder Woman movie: Bloodlines. That’s going to be coming out next year. No details as of yet.

But, Wonder Woman 84 is also coming out next year in November, about which there have been a few revelations. At SDCC, we learnt:

When asked about Steve Trevor showing back up in the movie, Chris Pine laughed that he’s “not even really here, I’m just an aura of emotional support for my pals.” Gal Gadot the joked that Pine is now the movie’s “water girl, he asks if we’re hungry, he brings us water,” she laughs.

When asked about the setting, Jenkins said “It was mankind at it’s best and worst. We’re aware of things now that we weren’t in the 80s, there were some incredible and beautiful things in the 80s but at the same time there were some of the worst. It’s us at our most extreme.”

Fans we’re treated to a first look at the rough cut of Wonder Woman 84‘s very first footage featuring a moment of Diana saving a little girl from a pair of gunman in an extremely 80s shopping mall.

“The thing that I love the most about Wonder Woman,” Jenkins said, “is that she is us more than most superheroes. People find themselves in Wonder Woman more than other heroes.”

“The way we look at this is not a sequel, it’s a new chapter, it’s a new story,” Gadot explained when a fan asked how she planned on building from the first film’s success. Jenkins then jumped in, “I never want to do more of anything for the wrong reason…I don’t want to go to that place of ‘how do you keep it going and cash in?’ in my head. I have these characters that I love and this world that I love and we can make a whole new movie that’s completely unique and as strong as the first one? Of course I want to do that. But it’s not ‘more’ of anything, even though it’s evocative of everything that happened to the first one.”

There’s also construction of an Egyptian village underway on the Canary Islands (don’t ask why they couldn’t just go to Egypt…), where new arrival and Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff is going to be doing some of the stunts:

New to Wonder Woman 84, too, is Pedro Pascal, who’s going to look like this, apparently:

Meanwhile, Hans Zimmer, who wrote the original Wonder Woman ‘sting’ for Batman V Superman, but who didn’t compose Wonder Woman‘s soundtrack as he’d foresworn off superhero movies altogether, is now apparently inspired enough to replace Rupert Gregson-Williams as composer for Wonder Woman‘s sequel:

“It was odd say to say ‘yes’ to because my friend, Rupert, I had worked really hard at getting Rupert the job on the first one. But remember the motif, the Wonder Woman theme is mine, actually. I wrote that damn thing. And we had done it live and it became more and more interesting. I just thought it was important to sort of finish it. And Patty [Jenkins] phoned me, and she had a really interesting idea as well. Again, the story she is going to tell, or she is probably right now on a set telling, it’s a story you want to be a part of.”

More zombies, too: just like the returning Chris Pine, Robin Wright died in Wonder Woman, but will also be returning for Wonder Woman 84, along with Diana’s mum Connie Nielsen, for a flashback sequence.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman itself did rather well at the Hugo Awards, winning Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form.

TV news

Gal Gadot voiced an episode of The Simpsons, appearing as herself so that the DC Extended Universe could be mocked:

Comics news

No spoilers for anything round here, of course, but Diana looks like she’s going to be appearing in DC Nuclear Winter Special #1 at the end of November.

DC Nuclear Winter Special

Sadly, that looks like she’s chomping down on a Kanga to survive the apocalypse. Oh dear.

Meanwhile, coming out even sooner (ie this month), is an Aquaman crossover, Drowned Earth:

The Ocean Lords – ancient sea gods with a grudge against Aquaman and Wonder Woman – invade the Earth with an alien army and flood the globe. As Batman, Superman and the Flash race to stop the waters from rising and turning everyone into aquatic monsters, Mera seeks the advice of an old enemy, and Arthur must face down Black Manta… or lose his connection to the ocean forever!

Drowned Earth

Also due this month is the second volume of the (so far) underwhelming Wonder Woman: Earth One. Grant Morrison chats about it a bit over on the official DC web site.

Wonder Woman Earth One Volume Two

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print. Right, time to sup on a protein shake. See you next week?