Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League #3

Invisible Jet Underwater

Every week (or fortnight) At least once a month, Weekly Wonder Woman keeps you up to date on everything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine

Just as TV news and new TV have dwindled to near-zero in the week of July 4, so too has anything involved a certain heroine occasionally known to wear a star-spangled costume. No movie news. No TV news. No comic news. Nada.

Well, okay, not quite nada. We’ve had Justice League #3, in which Scott Snyder’s galaxy brain emits ideas so huge, new dimensions have to be developed to accommodate them and readers have to write extensive notes in bra-ket notation in order to try to keep up.

As well as all manner of exciting inventions involving the Ultraviolet Lantern Corps (in Soviet Russia, you don’t join Ultraviolet Lantern Corps, Ultraviolet Lantern Corps joins you) and a whole bunch of new primary forces to accompany the Flash’s Speed Force (brace yourself for the Sage Force… no, really. It’s a thing), we got a few innovations involving our Diana.

There are exciting words about Diana’s attitude to her Lasso of Truth. Strung together, I’m not sure they make any more sense than they do apart, but they are at least exciting.

Clay Truth

Very much more importantly, we have the return of an old friend. Now, maybe I missed something – and you’d think that writing this every week (or so) that would be unlikely – but last I looked, Diana didn’t have an invisible jet any more. And it couldn’t go underwater. And the Amazons were still warlike and didn’t have any cool technology. And Diana wasn’t in touch with them any more anyway.

But what trifles are these to Galaxy Brain?

Invisible submarine

Still, knowing his love of continuity, maybe this was all revealed in Doom Patrol Visit the Set of Coronation Street #45 (available as a free gift in packs of Turkey Twizzlers in Morrisons, Falaraki), and I really did miss it. Who reckons we’ll either that we’ll get an explanation for any of that or that it’ll ever get mentioned again by anyone else or even Snyder himself?


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