That’s not a bar in Coupling

I do a lot of work in Islington and such is my location and my hatred of the morning rush hour tube and Northern Line, the best way for me to get there is by train to Farringdon and then walking. It’s much more civilised, I always get a seat and I get to have a walk in the sunshine and this time of year. Usually.

So imagine my surprise when my wife decides she wants to watch all of Coupling again from the beginning – surprisingly, not because she’s seen Crossbones – and it turns out that the opening of episode one is filmed right along the route I walk every day I go to work.

Coupling Farringdon

That’d be here in Sekforde Street:

However, as with all things TV, things go a bit awry in the quest for the bar on Clerkenwell Greeen where they hang out in every episode and where Jeff and Steve are going in the picture above:


The bar in Coupling

The Coupling Bar

Not bar


So don’t bother looking. Or trying to buy a drink from them…