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Last week, I talked about Walter (of Walter Presents)’s habit of acquiring things without telling us. Turns out he’s not alone and the BBC is getting in on the act.

For example, last week, lots of news services were reporting that BBC Two had picked up Picnic at Hanging Rock, thanks largely to the Beeb’s own press release. And it’s true that we didn’t know which channel it would air on until now. But the Beeb actually bought  it back in December.

Similarly, I noticed that tucked away in Stan (Australia)’s announcement that there’s going to be a No Activity Christmas special, there was this little nugget:

Nick Forward, Stan’s Chief Content Officer said “No Activity has made its way around the world, from Hulu in the US to the BBC in the UK. With another season of the US version to come later in the year, now feels like the right time to bring the team back to Australia for a very special production and we can’t wait to see what kind of havoc Trent, Patrick and the team wreak on Christmas 2018.”

Yep, apparently, the Beeb has bought the original Australian version of No Activity. It just hasn’t told anyone yet.

Meanwhile, it was announced today that Sky Living is going to rebrand as Sky Witness (ooh, puntastic). Tucked away in that announcement was the fact that it’s bought up not just ABC (US)’s For the People but also Epix (US)’s forthcoming ten-part, Patrick Dempsey-fronted The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair.

No word on airdates for any of those, of course, but at least we know Sky has them. In fact, we have but one new airdate to focus our attention on this week.

Premiere dates

Thanks to TV Wise for this week’s no longer closely guarded secret.


Stitchers (US: ABC Family/Freeform; UK: Syfy)
Premiere date: Monday, July 23rd, 8pm

Girl with a brain disorder is able to enter the memories of newly dead people to find out why they were killed and solve the crime. Trouble is, it’s hard to deal with her newfound empathy and on top of that, it’s all part of a top secret government project run by young science nerds who may not know what the Powers That Be are really up to…

Basically, it’s Inception but “as stupid as a bag full of spanners wearing toupees”, to quote myself, so this is good scheduling by Syfy, since it’s a great summer show, breezy, silly and full of fun (each week, a fun game: guess the science-fiction TV show or movie the head nerd is quoting).

However, Freeform messed up by running the second season in the winter and nobody bothered tuning in, so it was cancelled. Equally, its summer scheduling and breeziness were a two-edged sword for me – it was fun enough to watch episodically, but I missed some episodes when I went on vacation and I didn’t care enough about it to play catch up when I came back.

Still, at least it’s better than NBC (US)’s rather similar Reverie

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