Fortnightly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #46, Justice League: No Justice #1

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Last week, not only was I bit busy with work anyway, but there was literally no news or comics featuring Wonder Woman for me to review anyway, which is why there was – as predicted – no WWW/FWW. But Diana’s back this week in two titles and there’s news, too!

Comics news

Wonder Woman Annual #2 has been postponed by a week and on top of that, Wonder Woman is going to be $1 more expensive per issue as of #50. Cripes. Bet you wish there hadn’t been news after all, hey?

Merchandise news

If you’ve roughly $700 to spare and liked the nu52 Diana enough to spend that $700 on a single statue, you can pre-order this shiny thing:

New statue


Comics reviews

That just leaves this week’s new releases: Wonder Woman #46, which starts off a new ‘Dark Gods’ storyline; and Justice League: No Justice #1, which starts off a new ‘Really Dark Gods’ storyline. All that after the jump.

WW #46

Wonder Woman #46


Everyone in the world who has a somewhat rocky relationships with their god or gods is starting to turn against their deities in favour of ‘the dark gods’. That includes Barbara Minerva (aka Cheetah) and Supergirl, but not Diana who’s getting visions from her patrons instead…


Diana sees the light

Supergirl hits Diana

Meanwhile, Jason’s been off rescuing his dad, who suspects Jason’s armour might have been a gift from the gods – all of them.

Gift from the gods

Extra notes

So James Robinson has clearly been catching up with his reading again, since this issue features a lot of Greg Rucka’s Rebirth material. Of course, Robinson then gives it a 70s make-over where he can. Hence Poison has a new look and a new name…

Dr Poison

Similarly, Doctor Cyber is now a bit more like her namesake predecessors.

Doctor Cyber

Robinson doesn’t really deal with depth of character, of course, so the effort Rucka put into giving Veronica Cale a decent motivation has fallen by the wayside, too.

Dubious motivation

But… while it is Robinson’s inevitable surface-deep fawning over old characters and Justice League of America obviously did something a bit similar with its Rao storyline before Rebirth launched, this is moderately interesting stuff. I do want to see what happens, not least because Diana seems to have learnt how to fight properly again. Even Cheetah seems a bit underpowered – dare I even say slow? – next to her.

Beating up Cheetah Beating up Cheetah

While the Cale/Cheetah/Poison mischaracterisation grated, Jason at least was tolerable and not a huge feature of the issue, Diana came out of everything well and do I actually want to read the next issue for a change. Plus it all looked quite pretty too.

Writing: 5/7
Artwork: 5/7

Justice League No Justice #1

Justice League: No Justice #1


Burble wurble Source Wall burble wurble Dark Nights Metal burble wurble Brainiac burble wurble.

What now?

Something characteristically hugely overwritten by Scott Snyder, who at the end of Dark Nights: Metal destroyed the Source Wall  – the wall at the end of the universe (Ed: How’s that work?) – and now four brotherly gods from before the dawn of time are coming back prematurely to feast on all life. For a laugh.

At least Brainiac says they are.

Anyway, everyone is going to team up to try to stop them, whether they’re goodies like Superman and Wonder Woman or baddies like Brainiac and even Darkseid. Diana’s going to get her own Justice League (Team Wonder, apparently, since one of the Very Old Gods is apparently the god of Wonder) to do her bit, but that’s not for another three issues. In this issue, she mainly gets trussed up by Brainiac, before getting him to tell the truth with her lasso.

Trussed up by Brainiac

Brainiac and Lasso

PS No idea of the four gods here are the same as the Dark Gods in Wonder Woman. Soz. They don’t look the same as the ones on the cover of WW, though, do they?

God with a hat

Bigger hats. More clothing. Do gods from beyond the dawn of time need hats then?

Writing: 3/7
Artwork: 4/7