Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League (Rebirth) #14

The only real-world news last week about our Amazon Princess involved the publication of YA photo from Justice League, this time featuring Diana, Aquaman and Cyborg in the traditional pose of “something exciting and violent might be about to happen but you ain’t seeing it yet”.

That means we’ll head off straight to the reviews. Except there was only one comic of note last week: Justice League (Rebirth). Even so, there must have been some budget cuts because it was a bottle episode. Can you believe it?

Justice League (Rebirth) #14

Justice League (Rebirth) #14
The world is attacked by a spaceship the size of the moon and the Justice League gets zapped 12 miles under Canada, forcing them to explore their trust issues and relationships while they work out how to defeat the bad guys and stop Canada falling on them. Then they defeat the bad guys.

What does Diana do? 
Make a few divine allusions, feel a bit sorry about the loss of the nu52 Superman and pull the team together.

Divine allusions

Misses the old Superman

Pull the League back together

Is it any good?
For those of you who don’t know what a ‘bottle episode’ is, here’s Community doing a bottle episode and in its own meta way, explaining what a bottle episode is and that it’s in the middle of one.

Now, the reasoning behind a bottle episode is that as TV is quite expensive, sometimes you need to do something on the cheap, with no location filming, all your existing sets and no new ones, just the regular cast and no one else, since you can’t afford to do anything more than that because you spent all your budget on special effects for the first two episodes. Oops.

So a major round of applause to regular Justice League writer Bryan Hitch for creating a bottle episode in a single issue of a comic, even though by definition you can draw virtually anything you want in a comic and it’ll cost exactly the same as if you’d drawn everyone just sitting in a room instead.

You may think I’m exaggerating here, but at the end, when the Justice League have worked out their plan of what to do, Hitch never even bothers to tell us what the plan is, show us how they escape from under Canada or what happens when they put their plan into effect. It all happens… off screen.

The plan…

The plan implemented!

It’s so noticeable, it has to be deliberate, so kudos to Hitch on that particular bit of Community-worthy storytelling, and for doing so in order to avoid all the usual superheroics and do something a bit more human.

As a comic, despite really just being a bunch of people sitting in their room talking about their feelings, it all works very well, neatly setting up the final acceptance of the pre-nu52 Superman by the Rebirth Justice League, and getting the League to get a lot of things off their chests. Hitch puts genuine humour and emotion in the writing, and Daniel Henriques is a precise enough artist that Hitch doesn’t need to write dialogue that spells out what the characters are obviously feeling from Henriques’ art.

One particularly nice touch is using Superman’s superior knowledge of the Justice League. He was around his Justice League for far longer than this League have been with each other, and Superman is able to reveal things he and the readers know but the League doesn’t:

He kept files on how to beat all of us

For Wonder Woman fans, there’s also one particular statement of note this issue:

Amazon princess empowered by gods

“Amazon princess empowered by gods”. This is the new origin that Greg Rucka has had in his Wonder Woman run, but nothing similar has ever been suggested in the nu53, DCYou or anything, so Batman clearly knows the new Rebirth origin. 

I’m calling it – ‘daughter of Zeus’? Not any more. That’s now a nu52/DCYou-only origin.

Rating: 7/7 (Artwork: 7/7)

Disclaimer: Owing to the small fortune it would take to buy every single DC comic each week, this is not a guaranteed rundown of all the comics that feature Wonder Woman. If you know of any I’ve missed, email me or leave a comment below and I’ll cover them the following week