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  • The Finnish Sherlock series sounds interesting…until they add Johanna Watson. I’m not against him seeking a partner, but having her named Watson is just cheesy.

    • JustStark

      Perhaps that isn’t her real name; it’s just what he calls her, because if he accidentally learnt a new assistant’s name he’d have to forget something really important like how the mud in the south-west corner of Regent’s Park smells.

      • Mmm. I cannot say I am a fan of that particular aspect of Sherlock’s characterization. My Holmes is a gentleman who learns people’s names. 🙂

        • JustStark

          Just as long as he still doesn’t know the Earth goes around the sun.

          • Attic theory! But I love how Elementary has Holmes present that theory, but Joan immediately tells him, “That’s not how the brain works.”

          • JustStark

            To which the real Holmes would reply, ‘Is it not? Well, I shall endeavor to forget that irrelevant fact as well.’

          • Possibly (full marks on quote recognition!), though I think Holmes does consider brain function to be relevant to criminal investigation.

          • JustStark

            Mm, possibly. I just like the idea of Holmes as someone who has dedicated his life to learning the totality of trivia about a given field, and therefore appears to have almost supernatural powers within it, but knows nothing of — and has no interest in learning — even the most basic facts that children know outside that field. I think that’s what makes Holmes interesting.

            (Not that Holmes is that interesting — the stories are about the puzzles, not the solver)

          • I tend to find Holmes and Watson more interesting than the puzzles, myself – but I also think that it depends on the minimum standard for how a society will allow a heroic character to treat people. Doyle’s society demanded that a heroic character be a gentleman. Our own demands only that they be super smart. I’m not sure we have the better end of that bargin in some ways.

          • JustStark

            Surely for a true gentleman detective you want Lord Peter Wimsey?

            It’s been a long time since I read any Sherlock Holmes but I don’t really remember him having much of a character, as opposed to quirks (like the hyper-specialised knowledge) and Watson even less, he’s just a really bland narrator as far as I can recall.

          • Well, I am a die-hard Lord Peter fan, but I firmly believe that Holmes has more character than that. As for my dear Watson, I leave you to my favorite introduction to the series: