Weekly Wonder Woman: Trinity #3, Justice League (Rebirth) #9

Seventy-fifth birthday celebrations winding down, there have only been a few slices of cake to mop up for Diana in the past week. We’ve had a trailer for the next DC animated movie, Justice League Dark, due out early next year. Based on the series about the magic-oriented equivalent of the Justice League, not only does it feature the usual DC voice artistes (Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, of course), it also includes Matt Ryan, reprising his role of John Constantine from Constantine. It’s R-rated so expect something a little stronger than the immortal ‘bugger off’ uttered by Ryan in the trailer:

But that was it. After the jump, we’ll be looking at Trinity #3 and Justice League (Rebirth) #9. They’re a bit light, too.

Trinity #3
Still under the influence of Poison Ivy’s toxins, the Trinity are trapped in Batman’s dream world and must stick together to survive and escape.

Is it any good?
If you’re a bat-fan, it’s your turn to feel happy after the previous weeks’ Superman-centric part of the story; if not, it’s fine, if a little rudimentary.

Echoing our discussions last week about how the Batman origin event can be condensed to just a few images, we (and the Trinity) venture into Bruce Wayne’s memories…

The Mask of Zorro

Parents dead

The rest of the issue is then all about the fears that Bruce finds in his memories, which the Trinity try to help him with, while in the real world, Lois Lane tries to stop Poison Ivy.

If you’re a bat-fan, you’ll probably enjoy the various standard flashbacks to early Waynehood (more than in Gotham certainly), including a slighty rarer sighting of Dr Harleen Quinzel (aka Harley Quinn)…


Hmm. Is that all it appears, I wonder, given her apparent age and the presence of Poison Ivy?

Diana is, of course, the one to bring everyone to their senses and to get them working together, too.

Lasso of truth helps out again

The Trinity needs to work together

But that’s about it. Nice enough and Trinity is growing on me, but each of the heroes is getting a turn, so that we and the new Trinity can get to know them as individuals, and it hasn’t been Diana’s turn yet. That’s changing next issue, so let’s see how that goes.

Rating: 5/7 (Artwork: 6/7)

Justice League (Rebirth) #9

Justice League (Rebirth) #9
Following the hacking of Green Lantern’s ring and Cyborg, Diana and the rest of the Justice League must fight back and break the control over them.

Is it any good?
It’s basically just a load of twatting people with sticks, for the most part, but enjoyably so. Each of the Justice League has to fight their attackers in the most appropriate way, and Diana gets to fight some green beasties…

Attacking monsters

And the Justice League then combine forces to make Green Lantern’s ring revert to factory settings.

Revert to factory settings

Basically, nothing too special, but fun enough, with copious smiting going on.

Rating: 4/7 (Artwork: 6/7)

Disclaimer: Owing to the small fortune it would take to buy every single DC comic each week, this is not a guaranteed rundown of all the comics that feature Wonder Woman. If you know of any I’ve missed, email me or leave a comment below and I’ll cover them the following week