There’s been an Ant-Man premiere for ants

Ant-Man for ants

No, really. There has.

Today Empire Cinemas threw the world’s first ever film premiere for ants with a screening of Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man for the leafcutter ants at London Zoo. Bringing the action to the ants with a miniature screen, two speakers, eight seats, branding board, red carpet and popcorn; London Zoo’s leaf-cutter exhibition was transformed into a small-scale cinema for this special unique event.

The leafcutter ants, which can grow up to 1cm in size in their lifetime, attended the film in true premiere style and posed with their leaves for photos in front of the brilli-ant Empire Cinemas miniature branding board and red carpet. The hard-working insects then proceeded to crawl over the seats, popcorn holders and even the screen before the film began. No ants were harmed at the premiere.

Ant-Man, with its stellar cast including Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Judy Greer, tells the story of a con man with the ability to shrink in size but grow in strength, who must help his mentor protect the secret of his Ant-Man suit and pull off a heist that will save the world. The film, which screens in Empire Cinemas from July 17th (available in IMAX 3D format in Birmingham and Basildon), was produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Disney.

Jon Nutton, Marketing Director of Empire Cinemas said, “It’s been fantastic working with London Zoo to create the world’s first ever film premiere for ants. With the nature of the film, we wanted to do something special for its launch and we hope the ants enjoyed the premiere as much as our customers enjoy the film in the cinema and in IMAX.”

ZSL London Zoo’s Head of BUGS, Dave Clarke said: “The leafcutter ants here at ZSL London Zoo, of which the soldiers can grow up to 1cm in length, use their amazing strength to transport cut pieces of leaf and flowers to turn it into mulch for their nests. Their behaviour is exactly the same as in the wild where their custom-built exhibit features a rope course to take them from station to station, but the ants also got to explore a new habitat in the form of the miniature cinema. They told us they are hoping the film is brilli-ant, and not an ant-i climax….”

PR stunt it may have been, but I bet it was 1,000 times better to watch than Zoo.

Ant and popcorn