Intermittent service

Blogging’s going to be a bit inconsistent over the next few days, I reckon, while my ISP (Be) and BT work out exactly which one of them has screwed up my broadband connection. At the moment, my brother-in-law is being nice enough to let me use his broadband, so fingers crossed I’ll still be able to work and earn money during this period of uncertainty.

Thank you for bearing with me…


Third-episode verdict: That Mitchell and Webb Look

Mitchell and Webb

In the UK: Thursdays, 9.30pm, BBC2. Repeated Tuesdays, 10.30pm, BBC3.

Well there’s surprising. A funny sketch show on BBC2. I wasn’t expecting that. I thought those days were long gone. Certainly, I wasn’t expecting it from Mitchell and Webb, whose Peep Show everyone keeps going on about but which I only found slightly amusing.

But this I actually look forward to each week. I’ve set the PVR and everything!

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