What TV’s hot in Lisbon right now?

Good question. See, I was there for the past few days (hence my lack of blogging), and following the success of my previous photo expeditions to LA and New York, including my New York TV advertising feature, I thought I’d give you a brief rundown. With pictures.

So the first thing to note is that Meo is the king of telecoms over there. As well as mobile phones and broadband, they also offer TV services over the phone line, via satellite, via cable and even over 3G/4G. Meo is everywhere, particularly when it comes to WiFi hotspots. However, NOS does pretty much the same thing, including offering a whole range of premium channels, largely featuring US imports, and so has a lot of cash to spend on advertising. Here, for example, towering over the monument to Luís de Camões and this Easter parade is Claire Danes, the star of Segurança Nacional (aka Homeland).

Easter parade Claire Danes

Claire Danes

Traipse all over Lisbon and you’ll spot NOS adverts for everything from Modern Family and Castle through to Vikings and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, confusingly, Homeland/Segurança Nacional actually airs on one of Fox International’s channels, which does its own advertising, too. Top of the heap of its advertising and appearing on the wall of pretty much every Metro station in Lisbon? Empire.

Fox's Empire in Lisbon

But NOS, Meo and Fox aren’t the only channels in Lisbon. AXN is out there, too. Top of its promotional considerations and dominating most bus stops and street signage is Chicago Fire.

Chicago Fire in Lisbon

“But, Rob,” you might ask. “Aren’t there any programmes made in Portugal?”

There are a few, at least, including news programmes, although most of the ones I saw advertised were for kids and were cartoons. The only truly ubiquitous advert was for Portugal’s very own version of Masterchef, which was about as common as Empire was on the Metro and airs on TVI, Portugal’s fourth terrestrial TV channel.

MasterChef Portugal

  • aylwardreed

    Wow, this is well timed. Heading there for a long weekend next weekend!
    Any things I shouldn't miss(sights I mean, not TV!)?
    The AXN network is everywhere abroad. Who even owns it?

  • Nice! I hear the temperature's going to shoot up about 10º this week!

    In terms of sights, the Rua Augusta arch is top, as is São Jorge castle; the Belém Tower is iconic but not necessarily worth going to; and it's worth just wandering around the Praça do Comércio. Largely, though, it's all about little things and the general feel of the place. And eating custard tarts.

    AXN is a Sony property that's notable for pretty much nothing. Like most Sony TV properties…

  • aylwardreed

    Can only think of Breaking Bad that's Sony…

    Thanks for the tips! Will definitely hit up the arch and I've been well briefed on the custard tarts by my girlfriend!


  • If you have the time, you should try this, too: http://www.eatportugal.net

  • aylwardreed

    Just seen that. Thanks Rob!

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