Yes, that was me on NBC at the back of the crowd watching JWoww and Snooki a few days ago

JWoww and Snooki on The Today Show

Why do you ask? At least, I think it was them on the Today Show. But I could be wrong. Like I’d know.

In case you didn’t realise, I’ve been off in New York for a few days’ holiday. Along the way, I took in a few TV-related sites. This one was mandatory, of course:

Me in front of 30 Rock

Yes, I do look an idiot. Inside, of course, is NBC Studios and the NBC Experience. Oddly, the NBC Experience, as well as having excellent T-shirts, such as this one…

A Community T-shirt

…also has a range of House (Fox) and Doctor Who (BBC) goods. They even had a guy dressed up as the 11th Doctor on the tills. What’s up there then?