Holiday! Celebrate! Again!


Yes, it’s August again, more or less, so it’s time for my annual pilgrimage to Greece. That means no blogging for give or take the next three weeks.

Beyond that, the Daily News won’t be returning until September, for three awesome, well considered reasons:

  1. Most people are on their holidays in August, too, so I’m not getting up early to write something no one’s going to read.
  2. Most TV people are on their holidays in August, too, so they’re not actually going to be making much news I can get up early to report on.
  3. I need a break and after three weeks of holiday, I’m not sure I’ll be able to get up early to report on anything anyway.

But despite having pruned my viewing to a minimum, there are going to be shows over August, both regular ones I’m already watching and new ones. In particular, Ali Larter will be back on TV for TNT’s Legends on August 13th. Can you imagine me missing that?

Ali Larter at ComicCon for Legends

Ali thinks that’s ridiculous, too.

TTFN and If you’re going on holiday, too, have a nice time – let us know if you had fun!