Random Acts of Ali Larter: Town Hall meeting

So, a lot of you probably think I’m making a lot of this up. Ali Larter (happy birthday, Ali!) may be very random, but no way has she been sub-contracting out that job to the various random actors and actresses I’ve been claiming while she’s been on maternity leave, you’re probably thinking. 

Well, how to explain this. Ali Larter’s favourite charity is The Art of Elysium. But she was busy this week at the Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood 2011 – Chrysler Celebrates "The Fighter" Benefiting Communities In Schools and the Hollywood Domino Gala.

Ali Larter at the Dominos gala

So who did she get to go to the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas & The Art of Elysium Pieces of Heaven Art Auction on Wednesday? Scarlett Johansson, who took notes.

But she didn’t just send Scarlett. Amber Heard was there, fresh from assisting Amnesty International and some illegal
Immigrants, to randomly sign cars, too.

Amber Heard - Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood

See? Anyway, this is Scarlett’s bit of randomness this week (she got a whole load of other actresses to help out, too, including Emily Blunt, Jessica Biel, Minka Kelly, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria Sofia Vergara and Lindsay Lohan): the Hottie Body Hump Club.