News: Longmire cancelled, Netflix goes French and Fox gives the Nod + more

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  • Trailer for BBC2’s Castles in the Sky


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New US TV show casting

  • Mark Carroll

    “NOD” doesn't sound all that exciting.

    I am finding that a summer with various regular viewing not occurring has left me not too excited about most things coming back.

    I've seen only season one of “Arrow” … I am wondering if that was enough.

  • Season two is a little sillier, a little less realistic (that's not to say that season one was realistic) and a little less edgy. But it does feature Black Canary (who puts Laurel to shame) and loads of the ever awesome Manu Bennett. Quite a few daft episodes, but Black Canary's worth it…

  • tobyob

    Welcome back!

  • Thank you!