Mini-review: Wonder Woman #26

Wonder Woman #26

Time for the usual review of Wonder Woman, except not a lot happens this issue. In fact, if you know the Brian Azzarello formula of

  1. Lots of the other gods doing things
  2. Big fights between characters who aren’t called Wonder Woman
  3. Wonder Woman being stupid and then apologising to a male character

…you can pretty much guess what the broad brushstrokes of the issue were. If you want finer details, Orion goes after Milan except Cassandra’s one step ahead. Wonder Woman and Hermes come to his rescue and have a slight rapprochement. Meanwhile, Strife gets Zola to leave for the sake of her friends and Dionysus, and Apollo keeps torturing the First Born.

So as slow as normal, too. Oh well, here’s to the never-ending hope the next issue will be slightly faster paced, Wonder Woman actually does something cool or something different happens.

Rating: 2.5/5

PS I should probably mention that if you were thinking of reading Justice League 3000 #1, because it contains Wonder Woman, don’t – she’s a clone and not a very good one at that, one largely designed to be a contrast to the real Wonder Woman. The Wonder Twins do show up though.

Justice League 3000 Wonder Woman