No more Wonder Woman reviews… for now

Wonder Woman #20

So normally, around this time, I’d review the latest DC comics that feature Wonder Woman. These usually include Wonder Woman and Justice League, and what with the new super-romance, Superman, as well as various other miscellaneous titles.

Now, reviewing them takes up much more time than it used to and with DC’s schedule all over the place, trying to recap them all each month has become harder and harder, particularly since my own work schedule has been all over the place and incompatible with DC’s.

More than that, my heart’s not really in it. The comics are largely fine (although problematic at times, particularly Injustice: Gods Among Us), but I’m just not loving them anymore and some egregious things have been done since the start of the new 52. So I’ve decided today that I’m going to stop reviewing them. I’ll keep reading them, though, and I might return at some point to reviewing them, since the web stats say this is actually one of the most popular features of the blog.

So let me know if you’d like me to continue, let me know below and if enough people ask, I’ll get back to reviewing them. If no one’s interested, then TTFN WW.