Question of the week: what fall shows float your boat the most?

So, all the new fall dramas and comedies have pretty much debuted now. I haven’t yet reviewed Hell on Wheels, but fingers-crossed I will do sometime in the next couple of days, but with that exception and with the exception of some The CW and MTV shows clearly intended for a younger audience and animated shows, I reviewed everything, I think.

Some of the shows have now died; some have been acquired by UK TV. But of them all, which has floated your boat the most, either from watching them or from having heard about them? Which would you now cancel and which would you have spared the sword? Which would you like the UK to acquire and which do you think were a waste of money (cough, cough, Pan Am, cough, cough). Let everyone know below or on your own blog.

In the list below, if it’s been cancelled, it’ll be crossed out. If there’s a channel next to it in brackets, that’s which UK channel has acquired it. And if it says SAFE next to it, that means it’s been given a full season or even renewed for a second season already.

Bloody hell. Written down in a list, I’ve watched an awful lot, haven’t I?

  • I liked the pilots for ‘Homeland’ and ‘Boss’ very much, but not enough to order Showtime and Starz! respectively.
    Out of all the new shows, it’s ‘Person of Interest’ and ‘Suburgatory’ I’m sticking with. One drama, one sitcom.
    I’ve got two eps of ‘Once Upon A Time’ and one of ‘Grimm’ in my DVR queue yet to watch. So I don’t know if I’ll be tracking down the others in their playlist via Hulu or not……

  • Mark Carroll

    I’m watching “Grimm”. It’s one of the better shows, but I don’t expect to buy the DVD.
    I’ll give “Homeland” a try when Netflix (or their UK equivalent, if I move back) can send me the DVD.
    Had I plenty of time I might have given something like “Suburgatory” a try.
    I haven’t watched anything I hated, mostly because your reviews save me from such mistakes.

  • bob

    It’s exceptionally good tv. I love the characters. I love the plot. I spend the entire episode just riveted.
    Apart from that, all the new US shows I am watching are just too light-weight to warrant a mention.
    What about the UK shows, Rob?

  • templarj

    I’m looking forward to Homeland, but in the meantime I’m ashamed to say that Ringer has won me over. It’s pleasingly daft, has Ion Griffudd (spelling naturally uncertain) with a hilarious amount of make up and Sarah Michelle Gellar proving that ten years after Buffy she still only has one facial expression (I like to call it the ‘has someone just farted’ look). If only she’d just get on with it and stake someone.

  • MediumRob

    I think everyone’s more or less in agreement that Homeland’s the best new show of the season (phew!). This week’s was the first that made me think, “Hmm, 24”, but it’s still brilliant.
    I’m really enjoying Ringer too (although the massive plot cock-up at the start of this week’s episode put me off slightly). Ioan Gruffudd and Nestor Carbonell appear to be having a guy-liner competition in it and yes, SMG’s acting has actually gone downhill since Buffy. They have to give her extra kohl when they want to show her in “former addict” mode.
    As for UK shows, we don’t have a fall season as such, most shows last for six episodes at most, I haven’t really been watching any and the stuff I have been watching isn’t new.

  • SK

    Based on comment to this entry, I’m looking forward to Homeland.
    I probably will watch Pam Am, I’m afraid, just to see the car crash.
    None of the others seem especially interesting. I’d probably try Ringer if it was on a channel I could watch, but I don’t feel annoyed that it isn’t. I’m slightly more disappointed not to get to see American Horror Story but not much.
    Not a very exciting year, US TV-wise, all in all.

  • SK

    British TV does have an autumn season, doesn’t it? Aumtumn and New year are the two big seasons in British TV, with a sort of minor spring season.
    So far this autumn we’ve had Hidden and Death in Paradise on BBC1 and The Fades on BBC2; coming up we’ve got The Fuse on BBC1 and Karen Gillan stretchign her acting muscles by playing a model in We’ll Take Manhattan (BBC4, I think?).
    Off the BBC, Channel 4’s got the not-at-all-bad Fresh Meat, and something coming up that looks like it might be interesting called Black Mirror (?).
    Don’t know about ITV. Probably some cop shows.

  • Ish. You’ll notice that unlike the US where
    a) there’s a great big list
    b) they all come out more or less in a month and a half
    the British shows come and pretty much gone in that month and a half and there aren’t that many all starting at the same time.
    It’s more that British TV has a “stop showing anything decent in the summer” season then chucks out a few new things, now and then, but September and the Christmas season (US TV stops for Christmas). There’ll be stuff in January, though, yes.

  • SK

    Well, yes, ‘season’ means different things: over here it’s more like the ‘autumn season’ at a theatre, where there’s a programme of plays each of which runs for a week or two during the autumn.
    Whereas in the US it’s, well, as you say, a vast amount of stuff starts and is expected, if successful, to keep chugging along into the new year, spring, and so on ad nauseum.
    I could go on about how this is comes from the fundamentally different origins of TV in the UK and US where one grew out of the theatrical tradition and the other out of the production-line movie studio system. But I’m sure you’ll be glad that I won’t.

  • bob

    Does it even matter how scheduling and series length is different?
    This autumn, there have been new shows in the UK. Isn’t it worth asking people whether any of those have floated anyone’s boat? Or shows from Canada or Australia or France or anywhere.
    For the record, Fresh Meat: I adore it.
    Not as much as I adore Homeland of course.

  • MediumRob

    Okay, reasonable point. Your wish is my command and that’ll be next week’s question!

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