Friday’s “ABC comedies good, NBC comedies bad” news


  • Trailer for Contraband, with Kate Beckinsale and Mark Wahlberg
  • Malin Akerman joins Tyler Labine in Cottage Country


British TV

  • Abigail Thaw joins Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour
  • Sky Arts acquires The Onion News Network [subscription required]

Canadian TV

International TV

  • John Hurt joins Holy Grail mini-series, Labyrinth


  • bob

    Okay I’m confused… How can Marvel reboot when it already has rebooted with the Ultimate Universe and rewound the clock on Spider-man? It’s rebooting reboots? Oh, I don’t know why I care any more… I stopped reading after the disastrous Civil War.

  • Never underestimate the number of reboots a comics company is prepared to do if they think it’ll earn them more money