Weird old title sequences: LA Heat (1996), possibly the worst TV show ever made

LA Heat, in my estimation, was possibly one of the worst TV shows ever made. Yes, worse than Angela’s Eyes and even Saving Grace. I’m not going to write epic swathes of text about why it was so bad. I’m just going to let the beyond-parody title sequence speak for itself.

If that didn’t persuade you, here’s the first episode of the second season. If your IQ drops as a result of watching it, that’s not my fault.

  • SK

    But but but he’s called Wolf Larson! how can it possibly be bad if it has someone called Wolf Larson in it? Wolf Larson is the best name ever! It’s like he draws weird cartoons about fat kids being looked at quizzically by ducks with captions like ‘Little Johnny knew that there was something odd about this one’, only he’s a wolf!
    Also, Sugar Ray Leonard.
    Okay, I confess, I know nothing about this. But still. Wolf Larson!

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