Question of the week: what’s your favourite Lis Sladen/Sarah Jane memory?

Elisabeth Sladen in K9 and Company

Because of today’s sad news, it’s a very simple question this week:

What’s your fondest memory of Elisabeth Sladen?

It can be of her personally, of Sarah Jane Smith or one of the other characters she played. My favourites, oddly enough, are from the BBC’s adaption of Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver in Lilliput, where she played a Lilliputian, from School Reunion when she meets with David Tennant’s Doctor outside the TARDIS for the first time, and from her first Doctor Who spin-off, K9 and Company, when she actually gets to kick in one of the baddies in a fight for the first time.

But how about you?

Answers below or a link to your response on your own blog, please

  • John

    I can’t narrow it down to just one memory because those childhood Saturdays in the 70s with the Doctor and Sarah are still special to me after all these years. I’m just stunned that Lis has gone.

  • I think I’m with you, Rob, on the first time she meets the Dr again in School Reunion. I loved it, because finally the writers gave her some balls. I know everyone raves about her from the Pertwee/Baker days, but for me growing up I found her wet and annoying (NOT as wet as Jo, true, but still, she was wet.) I suppose for the times she was feisty, but not enough for me. So it was great to have her come back and be pissed off with the Doc for leaving her, and also being ballsy and getting on with it too. I love the scene when she and Rose bond and start taking the piss out of the Doctor too. Other then that, the scene where she leaves the Tardis for the first time also sticks in my head. Not sure why – I think it’s probably the look on her face when she realises the Doctor has dumped her in the wrong place…
    It’s a very sad day for Who fans today. RIP Lis Sladen. She was far too young. My lot are going to really miss the Sarah Jane Adventures, which have been brilliant for kids.

  • Being too young to have seen her on original transmissions, I discovered Sarah Jane via Target novelisations, repeats on UK Gold (occasional BBC 2 repeats too) and DVDs and she became one of my favourite companions. Lis Sladen always infused the character with warmth and humour, particularly during her run with Tom Baker. Sometimes she wasn’t given a lot to do or made to scream a lot (or forced to act with a tin dog) but she always put in a great performance.
    Her return to Who made for a great episode and I’m glad that the BBC later gave Lis a showcase to entertain a new generation of kids.
    RIP Lis Sladen

    When I wrote it up, I had only just read the news. So it’s pretty jumbled, my thoughts not totally together. I went back later and read it but decided I should just leave it as it was……
    But at least I’m more convinced now that she was my first Companion; just not sure if it was “Brain Of Morbius”…..

  • TemplarJ

    It’s not a popular opinion but I love almost every moment of K9 and Company, so my favourite SJS moment has to be her reaction to finding K9 packaged away in a box. Of course the Doctor didn’t forget her, who could ever?

  • Of Lis – being lost for words at The Stage party, while she and Naoko Mori exchanged make ups tips for coping with HD filming. I had nothing to contribute to the conversation, but just soaked up the geekdom.
    Oh, and the event where she spent the entire evening calling me “Steve”, even though I was wearing a prominent name badge with my name in big black felt marker.
    Of Sarah – It’s got to be School Reunion, but I couldn’t narrow it down further than that. Loved her throughout that story.

  • Wow Scott – that’s some pretty up close and personal recollections there. No wonder you soaked up the geekdom and didn’t correct her getting your name wrong (tho, are you SURE you aren’t called Steve 🙂 )
    I have to say I loved Sarah Jane Smith alongside Tom Baker and Ian Marter, but I definitely feel the love for School Reunion, for her reaction to the Tenth Doctor (both before and after she finds out who he is) and his reaction to her. Just perfect.

  • nel

    Outing myself as a Who newbie by saying that “School Reunion” was my first experience of Sarah Jane/Lis Sladen, but I warmed to her instantly, as did my nephews (both under 10 at the time). Her acting was such that I could absolutely feel the weight of that history with the Doctor, despite knowing basically nothing about that history. By the time we reached the end of the ep. and she insisted the Tenth Doctor give her the closure she hadn’t had before, I was more than misty-eyed, and a die-hard Sarah Jane/Lis fan.
    My other fave related bit, was hearing Tennant say, at Comic Con, that his abiding favorite memory of being on Doctor Who was School Reunion, and hearing a voice from his childhood calling him “Doctor.”