The (new) new Wonder Woman costume

Wonder Woman

So what are we all thinking about the new version of the new version of Wonder Woman’s costume? As you may recall, after NBC released some official photos of the costume, as worn by Adrianne Palicki of Friday Night Lights fame in the pilot – which also stars Elizabeth Hurley, Cary Elwes and Jason Bruening of Knight Rider – there was a certain amount of feedback along the lines that it was terrible: plasticky, a bit porny and very impractical. More than that, some said it was unpatriotic, since it didn’t have the stars from the US flag on it, as per Wonder Woman’s original costume.

So NBC have retooled the costume slightly – here’s an after and before photo:

Wonder Woman: after and before the costume redesign

And here’s Adrianne Palicki wearing it in action:

Adrianne Palicki on set

Better? Worse? And given that the script by David E Kelley has Wonder Woman, the famous CEO of Themiscyra Industries, loving ice cream, Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’, sleepovers and pining over lawyer Steve Trevor, could this get any worse anyway?

  • SK
    I for one am amused to see how Ally McJusticeLeague turns out.
    If only they could find space for Peter MacNichol, possibly as Elizabeth Hurley’s henchman.

  • Marie

    Well, it’s a slight improvement I suppose, in that at least she can run in the boots now and isn’t going to get thrush, but the whole thing is so embarrassingly dated. Shame the reboot couldn’t have given us a credible female superhero who doesn’t look like her tits are going to fall out of her top every time she breaks into a run. I’m not saying she needs to be in a Sarah Lund jumper, but surely some kind of compromise could have been reached between the original design aesthetic and clothing an intelligent woman might choose to wear (and move in) outside the bedroom.

  • MediumRob

    There was her comics costume reboot recently, but the less said about what J Michael Straczynski did there, the better:

  • I wonder if there was any significance in having her stand on Russell Crowe’s star for that publicity shot? Yeah, I read too much into these things…..

  • Marie

    “There was her comics costume reboot recently…”
    I immeasurably prefer that. Give the woman a jacket, basically. Before she literally freezes her tits off.

  • Electric Dragon

    “I’m not saying she needs to be in a Sarah Lund jumper”
    Look! Down on the road! It’s Scandinavian Knitwear Woman! Her powers are being pensive, brooding and doggedly determined to the point of obsession!

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