Random Acts: Amber Heard melts Twitter, Serene Branson has a complex migraine, Joanna Page designs a Welsh bra

Amber Heard on Top Gear

So yesterday was of course the day when thanks to Top Gear, British men en masse discovered there exists a woman called Amber Heard and that not knowing this fact had substantially impoverished their lives. Now our Amber didn’t come ex nihilo and had British men decided to watch Hidden Palms all of five years ago (despite – oh dear – my recommendations), they’d have known all about her. Here are a couple of her finest moments – she/Greta being easily the best thing in it – from the otherwise not that great pilot.

But they didn’t so have lived in terrible ignorance for five years. You could tell this because at 11am yesterday, a Twitter search for Amber Heard would have got you about one Tweet an hour of something like “Amber Heard is the SITRPC on Top Gear? Who’s she? I thought they were getting someone exciting.”

By about 8.35pm, Amber Heard had become the number one Google image search and first a UK then a global Twitter trending topic. And let’s just say The Informers was starting to get an awful lot of illegal downloads. If you thought Top Gear‘s ratings were sagging and it’s been losing its influence this series, turns out you were wrong.

Here’s the interview in case you missed it and want to know why British men went Amber-mad yesterday. Forgive Jeremy Clarkson – he’s Jeremy Clarkson.

Moving on, another of last week’s Random Acts participants, Serene Branson, who we all thought had a stroke live on air, fortunately only turned out to have a complex migraine.

And since this is TMINE, let’s let Joanna Page get in on the randomness this week by designing a Welsh bra. It’s for charity.

Joanna Page's bra