Random Acts of Ali Larter: so much competition

Ali Larter in Jay and Silent Bob

It seems with Ali off busy doing other things, there’s a mass outbreak of randomness among people wanting to get in on her act.

Randomly, Katherine Heigl has been smoking a metal cigarette. It even glows red at the end when you inhale.

Katherine Heigl

Amber Heard, currently tipped to be 2011’s “next big thing” thanks to her starring roles in The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp and in NBC’s pilot for the Mad Men-esque Playboy, has been getting very random, not only acting as Grand Marshall at a Nascar rally (“Gentlemen, start your engines”) – as you do – but donating no fewer than five pairs of the “Daisy Dukes” she wore in Drive Angry 3D to various online news sites to give away in competitions.

Amber Heard in Drive Angry 3D

But it’s this news reporter who probably has been the most random this week by spontaneously inventing an entirely new language while on-air (fingers crossed, she’s okay).

Have you seen Ali Larter or one of her sub-contractors acting randomly? If so, let us know and we’ll tell everyone about it in “Random Acts of Ali Larter