Sitting Tennant 2010 – the caption competition winner

It’s that time. Christmas is over. New Year has been. It’s time to announce the winner of 2010’s Sitting Tennant. Here was the final picture of 2010, provided by Erin C, last year’s picture competition winner.

Erin C's Sitting Tennant

But who produced the best caption for it? And how will that affect the overall scores? Answer after the jump…

After due examination of all the captions, I can hereby pronounce that Ms Rullsenberg was the winner of the Christmas caption competition and gets 10 points. That means that the overall scoreboard for 2010 is…

  1. Marie, Rullsenberg: 280
  2. Toby: 225
  3. Electric Dragon: 210
  4. Dani: 110
  5. SK: 90
  6. Jane Henry: 75
  7. ecg: 50
  8. Rachel: 45
  9. whogal: 35
  10. Joe B: 30
  11. Sabine, Virpi: 25
  12. theriverlady: 15
  13. kellyann06, Sister Chastity, Alex, Paul Ebbs: 10
  14. George: 5

Yes, both Marie and Ms Rullsenberg are the winners, with Toby and Electric Dragon valiant second and third-places: congratulations to them all for their dedication to the art of captioning David Tennant sitting down in all manners of places and positions! Would anyone like to suggest a prize for Marie, Ms Rullsenberg and Erin C?

As always, a great big thank you to everyone who not only provided pictures but captioned them as well, providing epic amounts of fun for people around the world, both commenters and non-commenters alike. You’ve what made Sitting Tennant the success it is.

However, quick question: with David Tennant not so much on our screens anymore, with a vote in the Christmas poll against the return of Sitting Tennant (“just an irritating waste of screen space“) that nobody has counter-voted against, the quest for new pictures proving ever harder and, of course, the sad/happy news (delete as appropriate), are we all up for Sitting Tennant 2011 or not? Answers quickly from picture providers and captioners alike, please – stand up for Sitting Tennant or this will be his last sit…

  • Hmg

    I lurk and lurk, but very much enjoy the Sitting Tennant nonetheless. I’d say, if people are willing to keep submitting them, and you’re willing to post them, then keep ’em coming! 🙂

  • Awh, I’d missed the sad/happy news about David so thanks for that (no, really: it’s LOVELY news).
    Well, I’d missed someone complaining about Sitting Tennant being a waste of space – blimey, what riled them?! I’ve added my thoughts and am sorry some people don’t like the Whimsey sections of your site.
    And THANK YOU as well — I never thought I’d ever make it to the top of the caption board (even if it did mean that Marie had to be on another continent to let me sneak alongside her).
    Clearly smut wins every time 🙂

  • I only noticed the complaint belatedly as well – sorry wasn’t around much at Christmas, so I shall say here, sad/happy news aside, Sitting Tennant is huge fun for those of us wot join in – if as Lisa says it isn’t too much work for you. Sadly I was fairly uninspired for much of last year (am still wracking my brains for a suitable haiku for your end of year Dickhead), so if it does stay, I will endeavour to do better this year!
    Am pretty much happy with everything you provide, Rob, even if I don’t always comment. Your blog is one of my must reads most if not every day. So keep it up, why dontcha?

  • I have never mastered haiku writing so am still inadmiration of those who can do it at all…

  • theriverlady

    Yes, please keep it, I’ve only just started! On a selfish, I-just-found-you-and-now-you-choose-to-stop level, I very much want Sitting Tennant to continue. Afterall, he may not be on our screens at the moment, but he will be back soon enough! Let this not be his last sit. Now that the sad/happy news has been anounced, maybe we need some more Tennant to help us along.

  • Lisa G

    I’m a lurker, as well, and I adore the site! With the movies he has coming out in 2011, I’m sure there will be more sitting gloriousness to come. And in between, I can’t get enough of screen caps from prior projects. Non-sitting is fine with me, but I adore the silliness of Sitting Tennant. Or maybe to mix it up, make 2011 only about Tennant In Profile or something like that.
    But, in a nutshell, yeah, thumbs up from me!

  • nel

    I’ve only just seen this note so hope it’s not too late but PLEASE keep Sitting Tennant! I’m a lurker mostly because of time constraints but check in faithfully and try to tweet it on my feed each week. There’s not much these days that’s guaranteed to put a big damn stupid grin on one’s face, but Tennant sitting (or in any position really…) will do that, so please keep it up, and thanks to you and everyone who submits pics each week.

  • Nothing brings out the lurkers like a bit of Sitting Mr Tennant eh?! 🙂

  • Lisa G

    ….or the possibility of losing it. 😉

  • Bassy Galore

    I chanced upon this site through a search once and come back because of Sitting Tennant. Yes, *raises hand* I am another lurker. I come here every Tuesday and Friday, without fail, to gaze at David (and snoop around a bit at your tv reviews). This little niche you’ve carved out on your site for him makes me happy – please don’t take that away. 🙁

  • Bassy Galore

    …okay and sometimes other days as well…

  • Kasha Smith

    Please, please don’t let it end! I’m just a lurker, but I check for it every Tuesday, I can’t wait! I think it’s silly, fun, and gorgeous!

  • MediumRob

    Hello, lovely people! Glad to see you all unlurking!
    I’m glad that Sitting Tennant is providing so much joy for the world and I’d love for it to continue. The problem here, as all these comments have demonstrated, is that while there’s an awful lot of lurkers and a few captioneers saying how much they love Sitting Tennant, no one from the picture-hunting side has asked for it to continue.
    I have a little backlog from both Erin C and Sister Chastity as well as a few from esgaril (not sure how many of those I can allow, since they are all very similar), but neither Erin C nor Sister Chastity have come by to commit (although Sister C did last year). And of the regular suppliers, Rachel, Sabine and Karen have disappeared and regular stalwart Toby hasn’t signed on the dotted line.
    So if we had firm commitments from at least a few people that they’re going to supply pictures this year, then I’ll give ST the definite go-ahead. But if not, then ST will simply die by itself anyway. Now that’s a sad story.

  • Hmg

    Well… I may be able to find a pic or two… How does one submit?

  • MediumRob

    “Well… I may be able to find a pic or two… How does one submit?”
    The instructions are on the bottom of this Sitting Tennant, for example.

  • Marie

    Yay! Couldn’t be happier than to share pole position with Lisa, especially if this is to be the last year. If people are fed up of looking at David Tennant (which as far as I’m concerned is like being fed up of breathing) or sick of looking for the pics (more understandable) maybe you could broaden out the picture criteria? Doing the captions is always fun and I enjoy reading other people’s.
    Now I need to go and cry over David Tennant getting engaged to someone other than me. Though it’s lovely really. No really, it is. It is. I mean, it is. Really.

  • Meant to say, congrats to Marie and Lisa!!!
    Would be sorry to see this go, but are there any pictures of DT left that those noble stalwarts haven’t already supplied?

  • Oh yes there are still pictures – and with two (or three?) films due out this year – AND the JUST ANNOUNCED AND ALREADY KILLED THE WYNDHAMS THEATRE WEBSITE news that DT and Catherine tate are to do Much Ado in London this summer…. well, that’s MORE pics as well…
    *Sigh* I will certainly do my picture hunting bit for new pics.

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