Question of the week:does Sky Arts make Sky less evil?

So a little while ago, I asked if Sky was evil. Now, there is one obvious possible exception to this question: Sky Arts. If you’re the kind of person who wonders where all the opera, dance and highbrow music programmes have gone to; if you want to know which UK broadcaster would show In Treatment; if you want to know who covers events like The Theatre Festival, has documentaries on the likes of the Birmingham Royal Ballet; and shows concerts by bands such as Queen and Thin Lizzy, it turns out Sky Arts 1 and 2 (also available in HD) are the places to go. Not even the Beeb is doing much of that, and it’ll only cost you a quid a month on top of your basic Sky subscription to get them, if you don’t already have the Style & Culture Pack.

So this week’s question is:

Does Sky Arts redeem Sky? Does it make Sky “not evil”? Or does the fact it’s a separate channel mean that all the other channels are lowbrown and it’s merely a beard that Sky can point to whenever anyone accuses it of being bereft of cultural value?

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