Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and what can Santa Rob bring you for 2011?

Merry Christmas!It’s that time again everyone. Time for my annual year-end break which some crazy people have decided to call “Christmas”.

As usual, I plan on doing precisely no work over the Christmas break, but I’ll be back with the news and more on January 3rd (well, maybe. The 4th definitely. Isn’t the 3rd a holiday?).

Survey time
As always, let’s take this as an opportunity to have a reader survey. What sorts of things would you like to see on this here blog in 2011? And what sort of things have outstayed their welcome? Not enough Scarlett Johansson? Too much Doctor Who? What do you reckon?

Leave your requests for more, less or the same below in the comments and I’ll decide what gets the chop and what stays alive when I get back.

In the meantime, a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you all, thanks for reading and a great big thanks as always to everyone who’s left a comment for livening up the place!

  • Merry Christmas, Rob!

  • Mark Carroll

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy the break. I was amused to see my daughter had drawn a Christmas card for a friend with “Merry Christmas” atop a menorah; I think she’s slightly confused.
    It is probably easy to guess which of your blog posts I pay most attention to by what I comment on. “Too much Doctor Who” sounds like an oxymoron. I am especially glad to learn here of both British and American shows: what I’d not already have noticed, I can then try to hunt down, even if it means I have to wait first. There’s a good number of shows now that I’m glad I saw that I think I first learned about here.

  • Merry Christmas Rob!
    The only thing I’d like to see more of are 3rd Episode Verdicts. I’m with Mark, there are a lot of shows that got on my radar because of you and I’m thankful for that.

  • George

    Merry Xmas Rob!
    Xmas wishes as follows please sanata.
    More Who
    More Misfits
    More Scarlet (naturally)
    Make the Avengers GREAT
    Make Thor Awesome
    Bring on Blood and Chrome (and make it great)
    Preprieve SGU
    and have a really great break 🙂

  • Stay as sweet as you are: happy Xmas and New Year 2011. Introduce anything you fancy – it’s all good.
    And btw, that DW Christmas Carol is INSANE. They’re all mad (but in a really good way)

  • TemplarJ

    Merry christmas!!
    Speaking of too much Who, have you given up on Big Finish? I noticed that you stopped reviewing them about the time I stopped listening to them. Did they cross over your crap threshold as well?
    Next year, I reckon you should revisit some stuff you’ve previously given up on for an updated Caruso judgement. May I recommend the always entertaing Bones or the frankly as-good-as-anything-else-ever Desperate Housewives?

  • Electric Dragon

    Merry Christmas to one and all!
    My only wish is that the Carusometer’s Sunglasses Of Judgement put in an occasional appearance.

  • David

    I wish for Fringe to be saved, and not go to die on Friday nights here in the US.

  • The other David

    Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all here.
    As far as suggestions, well, (and I’m sure this is going to piss a few ppl off) I would suggest dropping the ‘Sitting Tennant’ feature. Humorous at first, now just an irritating waste of screen space (and ‘Random Acts of Ali Larter’ is also gaining that reputation as well).
    I’ve always turned to TMISNE for the TV News, and, in my opinion, the more the better. But I realize that you can only put up what the networks release (the same could be said for ‘Engrenages’ (Spiral)). Also, for those of us outside the UK, if you could find non-UK-restricted videos, it you be nice (e.g., the latest BH trailer isn’t viewable across the pond here).
    But, on the whole, your site is an invaluable resource. Keep it up.

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  • NO! Compaining about Sitting Tennant?! *Sigh* it kinda misses the point to complain about it really. And to lump it in with Random Acts — well, THAT really misses the point. What’s the point of being a mine of great reviewing/previewing and nostalgia if you can’t also have some contemporary fun too?!
    I’d love you to keep it Rob – but only if you think you can cope with the incoming pictures (which is MUCH more work for you than for us).

  • SK

    I’d say keep the caption-competition Sitting Tennant, which is interactive fun, but lose the ‘just pictures’ post, which isn’t, so much. Random Acts is fine because it’s usually just one picture or maybe two.
    Perhaps you could branch out, though — the Maternity cover ones have shown that it doesn’t have to be Ali Larter acting randomly, so perhaps the scope could be wider? On the other hand there may be legal issues with not giving her the full-time job back upon the ending of her maternity leave. Hm. Best consult a lawyer.
    But also perhaps the caption competition could be widened too so it’s not always David Tennant (though admittedly it would probably need some kind of theme).
    But mainly I like the news and the reviews, both of old and new stuff: for example, I wouldn’t have watched Being Erica or The Sandbaggers had I not heard of them here.