What if Community had a Friends-style title sequence?

Community is of course one of the funniest new shows on US TV this season, as you may recall from my third-episode verdict and initial review. Naturally, it’s not been purchased by any UK broadcasters, but that’s another story – you can always try TV Dome instead.

But what about its title sequence? Does this say funny to you?

It’s nice, but funny? No.

You know what had energy and verve? The Friends title sequence, that’s what. So how about if Community had the same title sort of title sequence as Friends? Huh? Huh?


Much better, huh? BTW, doesn’t Gillian Jacobs who plays Brita on the show have the cutest Twitter avatar in the whole world…

Gillian Jacob's Twitter avatar

…as well as a strange obsession with crap old Saturday morning kids’ shows. I follow her just to find out what weird stuff I’ve missed out on…