Today’s Joanna Page: Tweeting

Joanna Page in FHM

It’s been a long time since the last Today’s Joanna Page. What’s she been up to? When she’s next going to be on tele, I hear you ask?

Well, obviously I don’t hear you ask, because that would be sure sign of insanity. Although…  

Anyway, you could ask her yourself since she’s now on Twitter. But after doing panto over Christmas…

…she filmed an episode of Marple with Sir Donald Sinden. Haven’t yet watched Marple so this one’ll be a first. Apparently, she laughed a little too much on the last day of filming when the body turned up.

She’s also been on a tribute show for Welsh actress Margaret John, is about to start filming a pet show for Sky 1 with TV vet Marc Jacobs, and has kissed some Dunhill shirt collars to raise money for prostate cancer research. And she’s probably judging Nokia’s X6 competition to find a new entertainment reporter at this very moment.

But spare a thought for her poor hubby, James Thornton, who ended up in hospital over Valentine’s Day weekend after being hit by a car. He’s on the mend now, thankfully, which means he’ll likely end up doing yet another Ready, Steady, Cook with her – they’ve done two so far.