Season finale: Mad Men (season two)

Surprisingly, I haven’t much to say about season two of Mad Men. Okay, I’ve got a bit, which you can join me after the jump for.

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Kirill uncovered

Just in case this in any way floats your boat:

Hi there,

My name is Rupert, and I’m working on a new Sci-fi project called Kirill, in conjunction with Microsoft MSN and Digital Studios (a little >digital studio part of Endemol UK), and we would really like your opinion and feedback on the project so far.

Kirill has ten episodes, and then tells the other parts of its story through blogs and other bits of video from around the internet. It’s clever, but not so clever it stops you getting involved, and it stars that guy out of Pirates of the Caribbean (No, not Johnny Depp – David Schofield). Anyway – we would like you to have an exclusive sneak peak.

The 1st episode launches this Thursday 30th October, but we’d like to keep everyone guessing what they think it is over the next three days.

We’ve just finished building the blog

Over the next few days we’ll be adding the teaser trailer and limited >behind the scenes images. From Friday we will have the 1st episode up… The next episodes will follow every few days.

These ten episodes are only the prequel to a much bigger drama that Digital Studios are trying to get off the ground for early next year. If you like the episodes, Digital Studios would really like you to help them make both the prequel, and the drama into something we can all claim we had a part in, so please give us your feedback on the blog.

‘Something that has been made for the internet, by people who love the internet.’

So it’s a thing on the Internet that’s going to publish some episodes soon. Can you wait?

PS I found this vid if it’s of any help

The CarusometerA Carusometer rating of 2

Third-episode verdict: My Own Worst Enemy

Three episodes into My Own Worst Enemy and it’s clear that this isn’t the car crash we were expecting. Essentially The Bourne Identity crossed with True Lies, it sees Christian Slater finding out he has multiple personality disorder and one of his personalities is a real-life secret agent – which would be nice and exciting if it weren’t for the people trying to kill him and his family.

It all sounds a bit dumb and it is, but the show is better than the set-up suggests. It tries its best to be gritty and to be as adult as possible, given the sci-fi foundation beneath its surface. After initially seeming like it would Slater and his other self working together to stay alive, the title’s come into play and the two Slaters are having interesting little time-shifted battles against each other.

We also have Slater’s spy partner, whose relationship with his wife shows that Slater and the still not well used Mädchen Amick actually have the relatively good end of the sociopathic secret agent-hausfrau relationship spectrum. This is actually quite a poignant sub-plot of spousal neglect that works quite well in context.

The spy stuff’s all a bit uninspiring compared to CBS’s The Unit, but Slater’s good, there’s an interesting series arc developing – finally giving Saffron Burrows something to do – and it’s quite dark, which always gets the thumbs up from me. But it doesn’t yet have that magic ‘something’ necessary to make it a must-see, a theme common to most of the Fall’s new shows. Close, but no cigar.

Could well make it to a full season, but unlikely to make it to season two without more oomph.

Carusometer rating
Two or Partial Caruso

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British TV


Third-episode verdict: Sanctuary

I’m not even going to bother with a Carusometer for this one. It started off a bit dull, despite having Emilie Ullerup in it, and by the time I got to episode four (since episode one was a two-parter), I couldn’t even bother reaching the end of the episode.

It’s just not very interesting. Nothing remarkable about it at all. Oh well.