Today’s Joanna Page: Mark Owen’s ‘Makin Out’

Take That 1920s classic movies!

Today’s Joanna Page is the video to Mark Owen’s “Makin Out”. All right, you don’t have to listen to it – turn the sound down if you want to.

Actually, I was expecting the worse, but it’s quite a nice little song, I think. The video’s pretty good, although a little creepy in the light of the Torchwood episode From Out of the Rain (they’re so similar, I’m wondering if the directors are the same). It’s mostly in the style of silent movies of the 10s and 20s – although it could be argued that Mark Owen isn’t so much doing Buster Keaton as Johnny Depp doing Buster Keaton/Charlie Chaplin in Benny & Joon.

Nice roller skating, too.

Next week: Joanna Page as Dickensian femme fatale* Dora Spenlow in David Copperfield.

* Let the debaters start preparing now!