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God, it’s good to be up and working, isn’t it?

Doctor Who

  • The Sun reckoned John Simm was in negotiations to appear in Doctor Who. The Sunday Times said yesterday that he’s filming a kids’ show (allegedly. Can’t find it on the website though). Scottish Big Issue had him saying “’I’ve got one more thing in 2007, which was kind of unturndownable, and then I’ll stay away from telly for a bit’.” And The Independent says he’s definitely been cast. Yes, John Simm is… Maybe? [via TV Today]
  • Sheridan Smith talks about life as a companion. Discussions are underway for another load of BBC7 stories, apparently.
  • Looking forward to Recovery, Tennant fans? Apparently, highlights are seeing “Tennant in the nude, having sex and pooing into a bucket”.
  • John Barrowman expects series two of Torchwood will run in early 2008



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