“Only five minutes to write this article” news for Thursday

What can it all mean?

Doctor Who

  • Review of the first two episodes of the new series by OTT. Plus did you know sweet FA once went to a Star Trek convention dressed as Dax?
  • Review of the launch party
  • Clips available from the Weakest Link‘s Doctor Who special
  • And there’s more to come


  • John Carpenter discusses the new Escape from New York prequel (it turns out)
  • Russell Crowe is making his directorial debut in features with a drama about surfers
  • Gordon Brown hits the evil film industry where it hurts, again
  • Batman will be in the Justice League movie
  • The Nancy Drew movie gets a sequel


  • Rescued Francis Bacon art is up for auction


  • Aaron Sorkin is creating a musical based on the Flaming Lips’ “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”

British TV

  • The Apprentice will get re-packaged as a podcast [subscription required]