June at the BFI

Time for our regular look at what’s on at the South Bank in London in June. Not much, basically, but here’s what I found:

  • 12th: Torchwood: Children of EarthDay 1. The first episode of the third series, followed by a Q&A with members of the cast and crew
  • 18th: Chandleresque: Raymond Chandler on Film & TV. An illustrated talk featuring film and audio clips.

For those that want the full description of that Torchwood episode (why?), here you go:

1965: Twelve children are gathered on a deserted moor, before being surrounded by a harsh, bright light… and then they are gone! Today: All over Earth, children stop moving. Stop playing. Stop laughing. Then, as one, they begin to speak with the same voice, announcing the imminent arrival of a new alien threat. ‘We are coming…’ As the British government closes ranks, it issues a death warrant against Captain Jack and Torchwood…

Anyone want to help out?

There’s also a “Jazz at Ronnie Scott’s” season, but if you think I’m wasting more than a nano-second on that, you’re wrong.

Members’ priority booking opens: 11.30am May 5
Public booking opens: 11.30am May 12

As always, visit the BFI web site for more details