Wednesday’s news and catching up

Hugh Grant in The Curse of Fatal Death

Doctor Who

  • Hugh Grant is in talks to appear as a baddie. Plus he claims he could have been the Doctor, too.


  • Lots of Transformers pics.


British TV

  • Marco Pierre White comes out of retirement to replace Gordon Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen. You should read what Gordon has to say about him in his biography. [free registration required]
  • Actors appearing in the new Blake’s 7 audio plays will get royalties [subscription required].
  • Heroes gives the SciFi channel its best ratings ever. That’s a 4.4% share or less than half a mill, by the way.
  • Big Brother partworks? De Agostini may be after Endemol.


  • I previewed it a very long time ago, but The Black Donnellys is nearly here now and you can see that first episode (yes, you, too, UK viewers) for free over on Yahoo! TV.
  • George Takei strikes back against homophobic basketball players in a slightly unexpected way.
  • Pioneering new levels of tastelessness in reality TV, Spike now wants amateur detectives to solve real-life murder cases in just 48 hours. But it’s for charity, so that’s all right then, isn’t it?
  • The last (?) episode of Studio 60 gets really bad ratings.
  • Ausiello talks to David Eick about Battlestar Galactica and reveals that the movie now has the green light, spoilers about the last four episodes of the season and spoilers about the next season.
  • Also from Ausiello: Nancy Cartwright (aka Bart Simpson) will be appearing in 24 and lots of Lost spoilers.
  • Jewel Staite from Firefly is joining Stargate: Atlantis, as are Stargate regulars Amanda Tapping, as we know, and Christopher Judge (although only for one episode). Torri Higginson (Dr Weir) has been demoted to recurring character status. Plus thoughts from exec producer Joseph Mallozzi. Looks, judging from the comments, like fans aren’t happy about any of it…
  • Heroes spoilers over on Kristin’s E! blog
  • Pilots, pilots, pilots. Notably Linus Roache is in a pilot with Juliana Margulies and Beau Bridges is a comedy bigamist.


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